Scent Diffuser
Scent Diffuser
Scent Diffuser
Scent Diffuser
Scent Diffuser
Scent Diffuser

Scent Diffuser

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Tired of bad smells?

The Scent Diffuser is the perfect solution to fill your room, car or office with your favorite smell and eliminate any odors in the process.

Automatic shut-off function

Ultrasonic operation releases silent mist to keep you sleep well with no disturbance

Equipped with two mist modes to provide the entire room with a pleasant scent

One-button control for all functions

Portable and Durable

✓ Suitable to bring and use almost anywhere

"This makes my sleep at now so much better and comfortable! I feel so relaxed and well-rested every time I woke up!"

- Olivia Lamasan


How to use the diffuser?

STEP 1 — Unscrew the upper cover.

STEP 2 — Pour water

STEP 3 — Connect to power

STEP 4 — Click switch to turn it on.

How to maintain the diffuser?

STEP 1 — Soak the cotton swab in water for 3-5 minutes for the first use, and then put it in the catheter.

STEP 2 — Please use 100% pure essential oils with no corrosivity.

STEP 3 — Cotton swabs should be replaced regularly.

STEP 4 — It's recommended to clean the humidifier every 7 days to keep the interior clean.

How to turn on the night function?

STEP 1 — Long press the switch button to turn on the monochrome night function.

STEP 2 — Long press again to turn on the colorful night light.

STEP 3 — Long press again to turn off the night light.


Tank Capacity: Less than 1liter

Weight: 0.3kg

Power Mode: USB

Color: Pink/Cyan/White

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alexa Lustre

Obssessed with this diffuser! Its such an easy way to use my essential oils! My kids each want one for their room! Works really great at moisturizing and making the house feeling fresh.Much better than other oil diffusers. Its a must have!

Joan Gimarino

This diffuser is great. There are many things I love about it! The colours are mesmerizing. The misting works very well. I find it does improve the humidity in the room that it is in.

Stephanie Bariou

I could not be happier with my purchase. It comes at a great price and ready to use!! If i leave it on overnight i dont need to worry about it running low! The scent isnt too powerful...its just right! I enjoy the option of choosing my own lighting mode. I can chose one hour two hour or three hour. That is perfect for me.

Olivia Lamasan

This make my sleep at now so much better and comfortable! I feel so relaxed and well rested everytime I woke up!

Samuel Scott

Came super fast!?? Best diffuser I've ever owned and it's been on since I got it! The mist of the spray can moisturizes my entire room really well. i love that it doesnt create loud sound.I can sleep all night with no disturbance