Solo Tennis Trainer
Solo Tennis Trainer
Solo Tennis Trainer
Solo Tennis Trainer
Solo Tennis Trainer

Solo Tennis Trainer

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Train To Develop Your Tennis Playing Skills!

✓ Improve Your Play Tennis Skills

✓ Train Without Constant Ball-Picking

✓ Perfect For Both Experts & Beginners

✓ Easy To Set Up

✓ Made Of Reliable Materials

Start your training today!
solo practice tool

If you love tennis but don't have anyone to play against, now you can practice on your own using this Solo Tennis Trainer.

train without constant ball-picking

Saving your time and effort on ball picking, you get to keep training without worrying the tennis ball will go too far away. Hit the ball and it will come back to you.

Pick Up & Start Hitting

Just pick the ball up and start your training. The highly elastic rope offers a smooth ball rebound, so you can practice your winning stroke without the need of an automatic machine.


Takes a little practice to find just the right length of elastic to let out, as well as the hitting it at the right angle, but once you get the hang of it, you can volley it for quite a while.

Jeffrey Glover

I bought this for my daughter, who is 9, so she could practice in our backyard, this improved her game significantly. This also improved her thinking time and speed.