Talking Hamster

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The must-have toy of the season! This adorable talking hamster is fun for adults, kids, and pets alike!


  • It'll repeat any noise, voice, or song it hears!
  • Bops head up and down and love to move around too!
  • Crazy easy to use, simply switch it own and it's time to play!

Product description:

  • Material: Soft plush and pp cotton
  • Dimensions (Overall): 5.7"
  • Suggested Age: Ages 4 and up
  • Battery: 3 x AA battery (Not included)
Clear voice repeats whatever you say

The Talking Hamster plush toy repeats everything you say, no matter if you're laughing, singing a silly song or even if you're speaking in a different language! It can even imitate male and female voices.

Shaking Dance

The Talking Hamster plush toy responds to touch and has an auto shaking feature. His head bops up and down automatically when he's repeating and when he's being patted.

amazing funny gift

The Talking Hamster plush toy makes an adorable gift for little ones in the family and pets LOVE them too!

Customer Reviews

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Tess D.

I stumbled across this on Tiktok and was totally intrigued. Not only does the talking hamster repeat what you say, it does it with the same intonation that you used, except in a chipmunky voice.

Holly M.

Work perfectly! Fun to play with, and will be a great gift for others. Very cute hamster, I named it Mr. Hamster:) Have a lot of creative video idea that can be done with it. I also bring it to a game night party at my dorm, and we had a lot of fun, great conversation stater. Recommend;)

Issa F.

Took my time reading review comments of the many talking hamster products. This one worked out of the plastic (no packaging) and sounds great! This is the one to get.

Issabelle W.
Absolutely LOVE!!!

Absolutely adorable first I got for my boyfriends daughter. She played with this little hamster for hours . She really laughed so hard at the repetition of her words or anyone in the room. It even repeats your laughs which can be quite hilarious 😂. He’s very cute and she even gave him a name. Great gift!! He takes batteries and has an on and off switch .


So cute!!! It is the perfect size for the two year old I purchased it for.