The Whopee Ring Box - It Farts When You Open It!
The Whopee Ring Box - It Farts When You Open It!
The Whopee Ring Box - It Farts When You Open It!
The Whopee Ring Box - It Farts When You Open It!
The Whopee Ring Box - It Farts When You Open It!

The Whopee Ring Box - It Farts When You Open It!

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Looking For the Perfect Practical Joke For Your Beloved?

Have all the gag gifts that you have found been a little bit too weak for your liking? Do you yearn for a new prank gift to liven up birthdays, Valentine's, Christmas Day and all the other gift-giving occasions that fill up the year?

This hilarious but somewhat cruel prank engagement ring, isn’t a ring at all. When you get down on one knee, you look her in the eyes, she’s welling up, her face is priceless. She’s the happiest girl in the world right now. Then PARRRRRP. Massive fart noise comes from within the ring box as you open it exposing a little guy's ass cheeks. 

Using this hilarious prank engagement ring is simple. You just open the box. It comes complete with a nice powerful speaker inside that ensures the big ripping fart sound is heard all around.

Product Description:
  • Dimension: 7*7*5cm
  • Weight: 120g
Farts In Your Face

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best prank gift ever

This was hilarious! My grandson wanted a ring, so I bought him one but I gave him this first. I wrapped it in 3 boxes so by the time he got to the case he was so excited! Then he opened the ring case & the whole family burst out laughing. I did give him his real ring afterwards. Great gag gift!

Best gag gift out there!

Gave it to my wife for our anniversary. She laughed a LOT, then stopped and said, ok, whatd you really get me? I did of course have a nice backup gift, but this thing was excellent. Its become the kids favorite toy. My 8 year old son thinks its the funniest thing on earth and our oldest daughter is re-gifting it to her boyfriend on April Fools Day. Should be good. Ill try to get video and post it.

Paul Semenyuk
Hilarious Engagement Photoshoot Prop

I bought this as a prop for an engagement photoshoot with my fiance. She thought it was awful but I think she secretly found it funny. And it made for some hilarious pictures. And it survived when she threw it across the yard. Even better is once you open it, it continuously farts until you close it.

Jason DiPalma
Future wives will love it!

Proposed to my girlfriend with this and she instantly fell in love with me all over again. Theres nothing like taking a serious moment and bringing in a butt and fart noise. Aaahhh find memories of yesterday.


I made my boyfriend think I had bought him a wedding ring for his birthday.. I gave it to him in front of everyone and he loved it.


Is it loud enough to be heard in the typical office environment?

It sure is. In fact, if you opened it up in a romantic dinner restaurant, it could be embarrassing!! It's a riot!

Can you change batteries when they get weak or burn out?

You can change the battery, our batteries included that last over a year with normal use.